This blog is dedicated to the craft of preaching genre sensitive expository sermons. The title reflects that the form of a preaching text should shape the function of the sermon. Put another way, the purpose of the scripture writer should determine the purpose of the sermon. For example, psalms written for worship should result in worship and parables with a surprise point should be preached in a manner that conveys that surprise.

I am presently working on my doctoral dissertation in preaching which I will be submitting to Western Seminary in Portland Oregon.  The title of my work is: “Chasing After the Wind or Textually Driven Exposition: Toward a Biblical Theology of Relevance in Preaching”  Despite the universal desire for relevant preaching in the Evangelical church, there is no common definition of relevance or even a common understanding of what makes a sermon relevant.  Through my research and writing I hope to contribute to a clearer understanding of relevance in preaching and ultimately to relevance in all biblically-oriented ministry.

This is the place where I make my initial thoughts known.  And you can help. Feel free to provide feedback as it may help me to hone my skills as a writer and preacher.

For my personal blog site visit <www.humbledbytheword.org>.  I also blog with a group of church leaders at <www.groundedinthegospel.com>

My wife and I
My wife and I



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